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Custom Design

CUSTOM Design Amethyst Activewear

Express individuality, promote brands, or add a personal touch to your leggings. Our custom printing process involves applying unique designs, patterns, graphics, or images onto the leggings and transforming them into personalized and eye-catching pieces of clothing. Whether it's for personal use, special events, athletic teams, or business promotions, our custom printing offers a range of possibilities.

Here are some key aspects to consider when exploring custom printing on leggings:

Design Creativity: Custom printing allows for limitless design possibilities. You can create intricate patterns, vibrant colors, and unique graphics that reflect your personal style, showcase your brand, or convey a specific message.

Branding and Promotion: Businesses and organizations can leverage custom-printed leggings as promotional items. They can incorporate their logos, slogans, or other branding elements onto leggings to increase brand visibility and recognition. This can be especially effective for fitness studios, sports teams, and wellness brands.

Events and Occasions: Custom-printed leggings can add a unique touch to events like bachelorette parties, team building activities, or themed gatherings. They can be customized to match a specific theme, making them memorable keepsakes from the event.

Material and Quality: The quality of both the leggings and the printing process are crucial factors. High-quality leggings ensure comfort and durability, while a well-executed printing process ensures that the design remains vibrant and doesn't fade or peel easily.

Order Quantities:  Minimum order 24 units.

Email for personal quote:


Available colors for letters: Silver, Metallic Pink, White and Black. Please contact us for specific requests:

Standard size is 4inch X 3inch, different sizing may be available upon request.

Available legging colors: Black, Jade, Dusty Rose & Dark Grey.

Custom Orders take roughly 2 weeks.

Personalized garments are final sale.

Format for logos must be sent as either: Vector, PNG, Illustrator, Coreldraw or Photoshop.

We ordered the Dusty Rose custom leggings with our logo on the back for an event we had this summer and they turned out perfect! Loved the quality and the small minimum unit order. Will order again for future events!

La Bloom Beauty

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